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Julia Rose

The Blake Spring Capri

The Blake Spring Capri

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Unleash the latest trends with our PreOrder 2024 Spring Capri Line! Designed to keep you stylish and comfortable, these capris are a must-have for any fashion-forward individual.

Join the trendsetters and pre-order them now for the upcoming season!


Tween - Sizes 12/14 or 0-2
OS (One Size) - Sizes 4-10
TC (Tall & Curvy) - Sizes 12-18
TC2 (Tall & Curvy+) Sizes 20-28

OS (One Size) - 47.5 cm (Approx. 18.7 Inches)
TC (Tall & Curvy) - 52 cm (Approx. 20.5 Inches)
TC2 (Tall & Curvy+) 50 cm (Approx. 19.7 Inches)

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